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AltBuild 2012 Bubble Cabana

After garnering much attention at the 2012 AltBuild Expo, the whimsical and sustainable concrete cabana, built on-site as a demonstration of the ‘airform’ construction method, has been moved to its permanent home. The colorful cabana was donated to the Warren Lane Learning Garden, which is directly adjacent to the Warren Lane Elementary School in Inglewood.

D’Artagnan Scorza and I survey the garden’s expanse for future
landscape plans

The Warren Lane community garden is managed by the Social Justice Learning Institute and will serve as a learning space for school kids and the surrounding community; together they will plant seasonal vegetables and a citrus orchard, establishing an urban garden that will ultimately become a neighborhood farmer’s market. I am extremely pleased with the cabana’s permanent home and look forward to a long and ‘fruitful’ relationship with the Warren Lane Learning Garden and The Social Justice Learning Institute.

The AltBuild Bubble Cabana design was conceived for children using multi- color segments representing sections of a globe. Once the painting is completed on site, the design will reflect images inspired from the different countries and cultures, fitting together as a global puzzle.Acrylatex Coatings & Recycling, Inc. a local manufacturing company, generously donated all of the paint used on the cabana. Their products are made up of 90% recycled paint, adding to the eco-friendly nature of this structure.

Thanks to Arcylatex Coatings and Recycling; helping to make this project full of color.

Many have been helpful in making the Concrete Bubble Cabana demonstration at the AltBuild Expo possible: Gary Erb with Acrylatex Coatings & Recycling, donated the paint for the cabana; Dan Hildebrand, Hildebrand Construction provided expertise and hard work in the building of the cabana; David South, Monolithic Inc., supplied the airform and blower for the cabana;  and the permanent home for the cabana was made possible by the Executive Director of the Social Justice Learning Institute, D’Artagnan Scorza.